GMC305 w/YD

GMC305 w/YD

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Product Code: 010-01169-20
  • Availability: In Stock

Autopilot Controller for Your G3X™ and G3X Touch™

  • Dedicated controller for advanced Garmin autopilots
  • Offers control wheel for altitude selection
  • LVL mode button automatically recovers from steep or unusual attitudes
  • Allows for stand-alone operation of the autopilot
  • Provides easy access to autopilot mode selection

GMC 305 is a dedicated interface unit that allows for control of advanced autopilot modes such as indicated airspeed hold, independent flight director, VNAV steering and third-axis yaw damper (when installed with appropriate servos). While these features are available without a separate controller on G3X Touch flight displays, installing the optional GMC 305 allows for stand-alone operation of the autopilot.

Plus, the control wheel integrated into GMC 305 makes for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments. And for added safety, the panel’s advanced LVL mode button commands the autopilot to help restore your aircraft to straight-and-level flight.

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