About Us

Nisso Dekalo Ltd - Parts & Avionics Supplier is the largest supplier, seller, and representative of aircraft parts, pilot supplies & avionics in the Middle East.
Since 1968 Nisso Dekalo Ltd - Parts & Avionics Supplier has been providing quality merchandise from name brand manufacturers to keep pilots, aircraft owners, and operators flying.


  • Field & Remote Services - Maintenance, Inspections, Updates & Upgrades.
  • Airborne Technologies – Autopilots, Navigation Systems, Optical Filtering, Ground Stations, Weather Awareness Systems, ADS-B, Intelligence Systems, LIDARs, Lights and More…
  • Aircraft Lighting, Testing Equipment (including Laser Driven), Servos, Engine & Parts, Aircraft Towing, Pilot Training, Avionics, Autopilots & Etc.…
  • Supporting Most of The Private Pilots, Private Flight School & Aero Companies in Israel.
  • Vast Retrofit Experience – In Israel & Also Abroad.
  • And Many More Beside Aviation…


  • Development of operational software & hardware for aircraft systems, including 3rd Party integration (both Helicopters, LSA & GA Aircrafts).
  • Customization of Cockpit Environment using CNC Technology based on Human-Machine best practice (under Part 145 Modifications).
  • Ability to manufacture wiring according to customer specifications, including coaxial cables (in-house).
  • Airframe and structural modifications and maintenance, as necessary.
  • We are proud of our 54 years of experience in projects management. From the smallest to the largest among them.
    That is thanks to our engineers, technicians, and back-to-back support from our master brands and subcontractors.

No Compromise

We know our customers have high standards about who upgrades and maintains their aircraft, and we work diligently to try and exceed those expectations.
Our goal is to build lasting relationships, providing customers safe, well-maintained aircraft, with all the latest and greatest avionics technology available.

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Our E-commerce Website and our annual Product Catalog are favorites among aviators around the world.
With a comprehensive inventory developed to meet almost any avionics, instrument, or pilot supply need, you're sure to find what you want.
You will find our prices unbeatable.
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